Monday, January 23, 2012

Molinard Habanita EDT Review

Habanita, according to Now Smell This, is a perfume that started out as a packet that flappers used to scent cigarettes. But Habanita has morphed from scenting cigarettes in the 1920's to a perfume. The Perfumed Court had and still has a large decant special on Habanita and that is how I have come to acquire a large decant. I find Habanita to be a cross of many classifications of perfume. I can see where it can come across as an oriental or as a gourmand. But I mainly associate Habanita with being a oriental. I find Habanita to be smokey and similar to two other perfumes that I have in my collection. Habinita shares many traits with Serge Lutens' Chergui and L'Artisian Havana Vanille. I get a huge dose of tobacco and vanilla plays a supporting roll. What makes Habanita different is the powder note. For an EDT, Habanita does have pretty good lasting power on my dry skin. It's nice but I don't find myself reaching for Habanita very often let alone get a full bottle.


  1. Habanita a gourmand? I've only tried the extrait and it was the smokiest thing I'd ever smelled (no vanilla, unless it is of the dry, non-foodie variety and I don't know what I'm smelling.) I liked it enough, but for me, it's no Tabac Blond. :)

  2. That's how the EDT version struck me. A little bit of gourmand, but I have not tried the extrait version. It's funny how different concentrations of the same perfume can smell. Thanks for reading!