Friday, January 27, 2012

Chanel no. 5 Sensual Elixir Review

Whoever reads my blog is probably going to ask, isn't one Chanel no. 5 review enough? My answer is no. I want to try all of the formulations of Chanel no. 5 (parfum, EDP, EDT, etc.). So far, I have tried and reviewed the parfum, EDP, eau Premiere, but have not gotten to sample the EDT yet.

I had received the Sensual Elixir as an early Christmas present and wore it for the first time today. I have never dealt with a perfume that comes in gel form like the Elixir. Sensual Elixir is not something to be sprayed on but dabbed on. After application, I don't get the normal blast of aldehydes. The aldehydes are very faint in this version of no. 5, but I get a huge blast of the heart notes of iris, jasmine and ylang-ylang. I noticed within the heart notes that there is a powderiness in this version that I have not noticed in other versions to have. The odd thing is I view this after a day's wear, that this version is probably a version for those who don't really get no. 5. But I also find that this is very similar to the EDP version of no. 5. I think that Sensual Elixir is probably meant for those who might not want to spend the money on a huge bottle of EDT or shell out the money for the EDP or parfum version. As much as I love and adore no. 5, I probably won't be getting another bottle of this.

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