Friday, December 2, 2011

Piguet Fracas Review

After separating my growing hoard of decants, separating the reviewed and not reviewed, I found Fracas. I couldn't remember when I got it or if I even wore it. But then it hit me, I wore it the day I got it. I was getting together with a friend to go hiking. Then I wore it again today to refresh my memory. Fracas is a tuberose dominate perfume. The first time around, the creaminess of the whole getup made me gag a little bit and put me off Fracas. The second time around, I am still not liking the creaminess of tuberose. I don't mind and sometimes even like some creaminess of perfumes but Fracas was too much to bear, even in small doses. While I noticed the creaminess and tuberose right off the bat, I got some jasmine peaking out here and there. I don't view Fracas as a bombshell perfume because after one small spray, it's loud. Loud as in Calvin Klien's Obsession type of loud. It's not loud in a crass way but more of an assertive kind of loud. Would I ever get a bottle? No. Would I keep a sample or small decant as a reference? Yes.

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