Wednesday, February 6, 2013


After flirting with idea of Ebay for years, I've finally signed up for an account. Ebay has always scared me because I have always been afraid of being scammed. And sometimes the cost of things. What finally made me take that plunge was trying to track down a few bottles of vintage perfumes and maybe find a couple that are not sold full bottle wise in the US.

Thus far, I've made only one purchase (Worth Courtesan) and waiting for it to arrive. I have a large decant of Courtesan and a full bottle of Courtesan was fairly inexpensive so most of this is hanging on how good my experience is going to be. I hope that it is good and I am going to get the real thing because I am eyeballing some vintage no. 19, no. 22, Deneuve and Mitsouko.


  1. I have found some nice things on Ebay - just make sure you check the sellers selling record before you bid on anything! (not that you asked for advice, but there you go!)

  2. With what I have been looking at is the buyer feedback and how long they have been on Ebay. I'm wary of anyone who has not been on Ebay that hasn't been there at least a couple years. If they have anything lower than a 98%, it probably isn't someone I'll buy from. I am kind of doing the buy it now bit then I'm not bidding insane amounts of money!

    1. I like the buy it now, too. I'm too impatient for the bidding process! Good luck!!!!

  3. Although sometimes you can find grea deals, always beware of E-bay sellers.

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