Thursday, February 21, 2013

Unfounded Fear

A strange thought struck me a couple days ago that as soon as I get a full bottle of something that has been on my to buy list, I really don't wear that perfume so much anymore. It was the draining decant after decant of Lyric, Courtesan and a couple others and then it was the full bottle buy and then, I might have worn it once or twice since getting the full bottle. I was scratching my head over that and then I knew that I did enjoy the thrill of the chase. Amouage scents in the grand scheme of the perfume world are pretty expensive. I can't exactly buy a bottle and not flinch every few days. Sometimes it is the saving up money and waiting for it to come in the mail that can be so much fun.

I've come to the conclusion that my fears of Ebay are unfounded. I've had two great experiences with it. Getting Worth Courtesan kind of took a while but I did receive it and it was the real deal. I'm happy with having my hands now on a full bottle of Deneuve, even though it's the EDT version.

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