Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fendi Theorema Review

Fendi's Theorema has been sitting in my unreviewed bag or perfumes for at least a year. I have been wearing it off and on for the past year and still don't know if I truly like it or not. It's one of those oddball perfumes and one that is sadly discontinued.

When I first apply Theorema, I get a whopping does of candied oranges and all kinds of spices. I see that jasmine and rose and a few other flowers are listed in there but I don't get flowers at all in Theorema. Normally, I'm not wild about citrus in my perfume but Theorema is an exception to this. The reason why is that the orange is juicy but in the process of becoming either candied or is being dried out. But well into the dry down, there is a vague sour/bitter element that peeks out that I cannot place. It's not like sour sweat but still kind of jarring. I keep debating on if I should just full the trigger and get myself a bottle or not.

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