Tuesday, November 19, 2013

When It Rain, It Pours

Right now, I'm coming up to some serious oral surgery that will be happening tomorrow and I'm nervous as all get out. I don't even think that I will be even wearing perfume tomorrow. Doctors and banks really rile me to no end. Most doctors won't let you do any kind of payment plan. Look, if you won't take my credit card, maybe you should consider a payment plan. Then, I had to call the bank that has my savings and they are sending me paperwork to give me my money because I hadn't been dumping money or really checking that account. That savings account is something I don't touch or maybe look at once a year. If it's not in my checking account, I don't spend it.

In the perfume world, those who love Chanel no 5 seem to prefer it in EDT or parfum strength. The EDP version may have been described as having an '80's vibe to it in Turin and Sanchez's The Guide but I beg to differ. The original Coco (not Coco Noir) has an '80's vibe to it, so does CK Obsession or Opium but not the EDP version of no 5. But the EDP version of no 5 is the first version of no 5 that I fell in love with and I must be a freak.

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