Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tocca Florence Review

Ever since Bath and Body Works discontinued Gardenia Lily, I have been kind of looking for a replacement for it. It can be difficult to find a gardenia perfume because the tuberose aspect kind of dominates the whole gardenia aspect. More often than not, I don't much care for tuberose because tuberose is overwhelming to my nose. Hence, why I have a hard time with Fracas and Carnal Flower.

Then I came across my Tocca Florence mini. Let's just say that Florence comes pretty close to Gardenia Lilly. But I've noticed that there is a fair amount of tuberose after the top notes have calmed down. It seems as soon as I really start to enjoy Florence, it's poof! gone. That seems to be my biggest complaint with Florence and the Tocca line, there is no longevity. It's always the 3 hours max of skin time before it flees. The bottles are really cute but I really can't see myself really really getting the more of the Tocca line for the bad lasting power and they are kind of boring.

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