Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ormonde Jayne Woman Review

Yesterday was a day where I had to say screw it and just try something new. And I pulled out my large decant of Ormonde Jayne Woman to wear. And I am not sure what to make of it.

At first, there was something familiar about it, something that I already own in my collection. The something familiar came to me early this morning and it was Chanel Sycomore and looking around, there are lots of woods like cedar and vetiver. Then something else struck me as kind of familiar, Fracas. Even though tuberose isn't listed as one of the notes, I smell it. Looking around the internet, I'm seeing jasmine. I've never been a fan of tuberose even though I do like jasmine and many big white florals. At the end of the day, Woman just doesn't suit me because I find it to be harsh. I don't know which note it is making it harsh to my nose, but I can't stand it. Hopefully, my other unsniffed decants will be winners.


  1. I definitely do not get tuberose from OJ Woman (which is good in my book since I do not like tuberose) but I get more flowers than forest. I like wearing it from time to time - so I'll have to think of what to do once my samples are drained. I don't think it'll become a full bottle but I will probably want a decant or a travel spray of it.
    Maybe you should try it again with different weather - either colder or warmer: it might feel differently then.

  2. Someone else that doesn't get along with tuberose! i probably will come back to it when the decant is almost empty due to evaporation.