Saturday, September 27, 2014

Travels and Events

It seems like every time I turn around, I am planning another trip. And with planning a trip, means packing. picking out and packing clothes is pretty easy for me. For me, it's the making sure I have a car charger for everything. And I mean everything, the cellphone, tablet, and now my Kindle "needs" one.

But since I always seem to travel in the fall, I have to take a new look at my perfume collection. Fall can be a goofy time of year for perfume. It's the transition from the fruity and floral stuff to the heavier oriental perfumes. I honestly don't have  lot of transition perfumes in my collection or the floral/fruity stuff, it's the heavy orientals or the aldehydes. Sometimes I wonder if I should just stick to taking Jicky and no 5 and leaving the rest. Or maybe take Theorema just in case. I'm thinking L'air du Desert Marocain due to the fact that it seems to be evaporating in front of my eyes. Not having all of my collection sends me into a panic attack because I am always afraid that I may want something that I didn't pack.

Now for a little change of pace, funerals and perfume. Yes, funerals and perfume since I have to attend one tomorrow and I am at a loss on what to wear. It's for a relative that I may have met once or twice in my life and I am about to search my closet for cloths that might be appropriate but perfume is always tricky when we are dealing with funerals. Cuir de Russie? The trusty no 5? Vintage Mitsouko? I have no idea at this point, knowing that skank is out along with anything loud.

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