Monday, February 23, 2015

Stuff, Stuff and More Stuff

It's rare that I get any kind of compliments on my perfume wearing. But then again, my perfume collection contains a lot of "weird" perfumes that to a lot of people are too odd to smell good. So it is an event when I am complimented on my perfume and asked what am I wearing. A couple days ago, I was wearing vintage Mitsouko and was asked about it because it smelled good. It's funny how my vintages are the ones that people compliment me on. Current no 5 or Theorema? Nope, no compliments but vintage Mitsouko and vintage Bal a Versailles do. It kind of makes me wonder if people are a little tired of the fruity floral or patchouli mixes. But these wimpy things went out of style a long time ago.

But I've noticed that I really must stay off of E-bay and ignore Beauty Encounter's emails of 20% off. Due to the fact that I can't stop looking for vintage perfumes. But sometimes, ordering things can be annoying. I found a half used bottle of vintage Mitsouko on the 14th and it's now the 23rd and it hasn't arrived at my doorstep as of yet. Looking at the tracking number, it's been at the Kent, WA USPS facility since the 18th and hasn't moved since. But the almost full vintage Jicky that was ordered on the 19th, is going to land on my doorstep today. I am about to contact the seller for the Mitsouko and ask or contact USPS and ask what is the deal. Because when I pay good money for something, I kind of do expect decent service and whatever I bought in a reasonable amount of time. It's rare that something like this happens to me. But if I could just make up my mind on that sealed vintage no 5 and a large bottle of Havana Vanille, life would be great.

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