Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Collection

Picking out what perfume I want to wear on any given day is a little tricky. Let's think about it, in the past four or five years, I have amassed a huge decant collection and a growing full bottle collection. And that leaves me with too many choices on some days and other days it's not big enough and that seems to lead to more minis, decants and bottles. I partly blame my love of window shopping on the internet.

But since I spend a couple days a week getting up at about 3 a.m. now, I kind of need to have a decant or two in my wristlette that doubles as a purse. On those days, I figure that I might want something different than the day before but do finding that I actually did want what I wore yesterday. I had kind of figured that when I am about to head out the door a little after 4, I'm not coherent enough to really think about perfume. But having that decant or two really does help with the whole production if I end up running late.

But I have started to go through my collection of perfume and started to wear those neglected bottles and wonder why I am relying on just no 5 and Shalimar. Part of the reason is that I have back ups of those out the wazoo and kind of need to start draining those bottle. I found that point of where you can have one too many bottles of the same perfume and when that happens, I need to get going on finishing a bottle. I think that it will be quite an event just to finish just one bottle but I need to get to get the show on the road with this.

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