Thursday, March 12, 2015

Of Taxes and Refunds and Bal a Versailles

Spring is slowly but surly getting here since we are having a minor heat wave in Cleveland. Everyone that I have talked to has just filed their taxes and now are waiting on some kind of refund. Some are yapping on how much they are getting back and how they plan to spend the money. I think it's pretty rude to brag about that. I have no problem with people just saying that they just did their taxes but bragging about refunds and what they will spend it on is just plain rude to me for some reason. I have just filed mine today and now have to wait on the government to accept my return.

I have always complained about not being able to find vintage Bal a Versailles PdT for a reasonable
price, when I actually could find it on E-bay. But the past couple weeks have been where I have found bottles for a decent price. But I am comparing the two partial bottles that I managed to get off of E-bay.Both of them definitely smell like Bal a Versailles PdT. But I am thinking that the half full bottle is of a much earlier date than my three quarters full bottle. The darker Bal a Versailles takes a couple minutes before it smells like it should but it seems to be a little heavier on the patchouli and what seems to be the little more recent bottle but both smell divine and I don't regret them at all. What is funny that I have spend a little more on the half full one. But vintage seems to command a higher price tag then most current formulations of the same scent.

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