Thursday, March 26, 2015

Slowly Growing on Me

I have been taking the time to shop my collection instead of looking at E-bay so much. A few days ago, I was in a rush and did just reach into my decant bag and sprayed Amouage Jubilation 25. When I first tried Jubilation in the beginning of my perfume journey, I honestly didn't care for it. At the time, I always tried to find the good in every perfume and sometimes couldn't but didn't want to trash the perfume. Right now, that seems to be changing a little bit with Jubilation and it's somewhat of a good thing but my wallet is quaking in it's boots. But I think that it will never be a full blown love. L'Heure Bleue wasn't full blown love at first but I did fall in love with the powder bomb. Another that is growing on me is the EDT version of no 19. But we shall see if it will ever be true love when I try the vintage version.

I really am loving the shopping my collection because it is forcing me to start using up my collection before I add more. I always love a good bargain and adding to my collection but that incident with Mitsouko, it really becomes an issue when things get knocked over and spilled. In the next two months I am hoping to get at least one bottle of Chanel no 5 used up and probably one bottle of the current formulation of Mitsouko since I do have a lot of back ups of those. Maybe I just might finish up one of my bottles of Theorema even though it's discontinued and probably shouldn't.

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