Saturday, March 21, 2015

Vintage Bal a Versailles EDT Review

Sometimes there are perfumes with many variations like parfum. EDP, EDT and so on. Sometimes
they smell exactly the same or they can smell completely different. Chanel no 5 is one of those that can smell exactly the same or very different depending on the concentration. But the Chanel no 5 structure is there and you can smell the variation in the concentration.

Vintage Bal a Versailles is one of those perfumes as well. I have tried the parfum, PDT and now the EDT. At first, I thought that I would not like it maybe even hate it. I am not really a fan of the vintage parfum because of the emphasis on the patchouli and not the flowers and skank that I love in the PdT version. But it turns out that I love it. The EDT still has the skank and flower dominance but it's much softer than the PdT. Softer as in not as strong or as loud as the PdT. Some perfumes, even vintage can have a bigger heft than Bal a Versailles in EDT form. The vintage EDT of Bal a Versailles does last quite a while but not like the PdT. It's not a bad thing though, sometimes I want that huge projection and sometimes I don't. Hopefully, I will get my hands of the EDC version and try that because I hear that it is the skankiest version out there.

*Decant from Surrender to Chance.

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