Thursday, June 16, 2016

Guerlain Les Parisiennes Liu Review

I keep trying to review Guerlain's Liu but I am having some trouble with. But here it goes. There are some conflicting stories about the beginnings of Liu in the perfume world. Probably the most realistic one is that in the 1920's just about every perfume house was doing an aldehydlic perfume to copy the success of Chanel no 5. At the time, Chanel was not the fashion icon as we see it today but an upstart. But I think that Guerlain, to a certain extent, wanted to keep up on the current fashions and this was probably another way to keep current.

When I first spray Liu, I thought that Liu was no 5 in EDP form word for word. For a while, while I was wearing it, I pretty much ignored it and thought I dodged a bullet. Then I took another look. After the first 20 minutes, the aldehydes were not as oily as no 5 EDP. The powder aspect that I smell is not like I would get no no 5 or no 22 but more of in the line of Amouage Dia. I smell more of the jasmine and neroli in Liu than I do in no 5. Lasting power in Liu is great because I get 8 hours of steady wear before Liu fades into nothing.

Would I ever consider getting a full bottle? Since I have enough Chanel no 5 and no 22, a full bottle of Liu, I am having a hard time justifying a full bottle. As much as I love the bottle that Liu comes in, the 4.2 ounces is more than I need and the $280 price tag is a little hard to swallow. So it's large decant for me.

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