Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Nothing to Wear

Come lately, I have found myself standing in front of my perfume collection with nothing to wear. It's kind of an oxymoron to me. I have all these full bottles and decants and yet can't find one perfume to wear. Let's face it, I have boatloads of Chanel, Amouage, some Andy Tauer and many others and not a whole lot gets a lot of wear.

I am finding myself in a rut. I find myself wearing the same handful of perfume over and over again and have been doing a lot of neglecting. I have tried out a few of my samples that I have not reviewed yet but I'm too lazy to review them. Yet the unworn and unreviewed pile keeps growing by the minute.

With the substantial collection that I have, I don't know how I can end up with nothing to wear. So everyday, I have taken to reading Now Smell This and the SOTD posts to see if I can get inspired with what I haven't worn yet or in a while or continue on with what I might have been wearing a couple days in a row. I hope this rut breaks soon.

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