Monday, August 15, 2016

Tokyo Milk Dark Arsenic

It seems like my pile of decants keeps growing without stopping. So it was time to pick one to wear and review. This time around I chose something from Tokyo Milk. I've never tried something from Tokyo Milk so Arsenic is going to be the first.

At first, all I get is this funky green. I'm not talking like the funky green bite of no 19 but some sort of green. Maybe it's the wormwood in there that is making the green all funky. Next comes the vanilla note which remains until the end. I can't comment on the salt note nor the fennel because I have never consciously sought them out in perfume. This perfume lasts about 5 hours on my skin and for me, it was probably an hour or two too long for my liking. So even though it is dirt cheap, I won't be buying a bottle.

Do I expect the clouds to part and angels to sing every time I try a new perfume? No, I wish that would happen but it doesn't. It's rare that it does.

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