Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Andy Tauer Sotta La Luna Tuberose Review

It's no secret that I do enjoy Andy Tauer's work. I might not find all of his offering wearable on my skin but I do like or love most of Andy Tauer's creations and have quite a few. But I have made no secret of the fact that tuberose is one of my nemesis' in perfume. And yes, I willingly tried Sotto La Luna Tuberose. Because I keep hoping with a lot of tuberose dominant perfumes that I will find one that I work for me and that I do love.

I got a sample of Tuberose when I ordered those travel sprays from the Andy Tauer website. I wouldn't have picked out the sample myself so it was a surprise to find it. Ever since I got those 5 samples, I have been playing around with testing out Tuberose and one day, actually put it on skin.

When Tuberose first hits my skin, I don't get out and out tuberose right away. I get a huge amount of methanol and then a huge blast of vegital green and the green is more of the sliced green pepper vibe to my nose. Then the starring note, tuberose, comes out. The tuberose isn't what you find it many tuberose dominant perfume. This isn't Fracas in all of it's loud creaminess. This is a green tuberose. The tuberose is still in this one and still a dominant note. Tuberose isn't interested in being loud, brash, creamy and buttery and that is what seems to make tuberose difficult to me. Most tuberose dominant perfumes, to my nose, seem to just use tuberose and nothing else, no rose, no jasmine, no nothing else. It's nice to see that there are other notes that are in this that stand up to the tuberose and prevents the tuberose from getting overwhelming. In Tuberose, I haven't smelled the famous Taurade that is a common theme in Andy Tauer's offerings. The lasting power is about 6 hours on my skin and that seems to be the norm for my skin in the summer. Tuberose is an EDP and sold at the usual places.

I do have a liking for Tuberose and think it is at least decant worthy for me. I haven't decided if this is full bottle worthy for me. I'm happy right now to have a tuberose dominant perfume that kind of works for me but I think that I will have to spend more time with Tuberose.

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