Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Chanel Coco Parfum Review

When The Guide came out, I spent a lot of time reading it. At the time, I was fascinated with the classic Chanels. Then I cam across the review of the original Coco. Either Sanchez or Turin said that it was dated (can't remember which one). So I promptly ordered a 5ml decant of the EDP version, when TPC and STC was still able to sell decants of Chanel. A little later on, I ordered a smidgen of the parfum version because I know that there are differences between the EDT, EDP, and parfum in all of the Chanels. I did find the EDP version to be dated.

Chanel is known for the little black dress and Chanel no 5. Chanel has so many perfumes to chose from and there a many people who don't follow or explore perfume, all they know from Chanel is no 5, Coco Mademoiselle and the whole Chance line. Now on to Coco in parfum form.

Coco in parfum form smells just like Coco in EDP form but it is a little different. I detect a little more powder in the composition. If you are thinking this is a powder bomb, it isn't. The powder is more pronounced in the parfum than in the EDP. I would call Coco, no matter what the concentration, an oriental. Oriental is not what Chanel does very often, they stick mainly to the aldehyde, jasmine, rose, iris mix. The parfum version is a little more mellow than the EDP version but still smells like Coco. But even this version of Coco smells like a typical '80's perfume (Opim, Giorgio, Obsession). Maybe a little less dated but dated all the same.

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