Friday, July 29, 2016

Amouage Fate Woman Review

Sample sets seem to be my latest thing right now. After getting Andy Tauer's choose 3 travel sprays and Amouage Lyric travel sprays, I've become addicted to getting travel sprays and samplers. This time I went with the Amouage sample set. When I tore open the package, the packaging was definitely Amouage but I was holding my breath. Buying from third party sellers on Amazon can be a little scary. Some of them are really clever and will be dishonest about whatever they are selling. With perfume as expensive as Amouage is, I was hoping this seller was honest and actually did give me the real thing.

The sample set wasn't really described. Described as in what I was getting. All I knew was that I was getting 12 two milliliters of Amouage women offerings. But that made it all the more exciting for me. So I opened the package that it came in and I can say that the package and the sprays are very nice. Naturally, I had to look and see which ones that I had gotten. It was every Amouage that I have tried except Fate and Journey. Yesterday, before I went to bed and a reapplication this morning, I am wearing Fate.

I'm not sure what to make of Fate. It starts off with being like Beloved Woman due to the powder. The powder isn't very heavy but the powder is there. When I thought that it was going to be a variation of Beloved, it became a changeling. It really started to smell like Interlude Woman. The structure is there almost word for word but it is slightly different. It almost seems like a mishmash of Beloved and Interlude with some leather thrown in there. I am not all that great with picking out individual notes but there are some that I can pick out. In Fate, I do smell powder, leather and some cinnamon in there. But the structure and smell is mostly like Interlude. I respect Fate but I don't much care for it and my Amex is liking me for the fact that I won't buy it.

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