Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Missing Decants

Anybody who has been at this perfume collecting bit knows that besides having a million full bottles of perfume, there are a million decants lying around. Most of the time, I keep my decants and bottles isolated to my bedroom. Sometimes, that doesn't exactly happen.

I have never lost a full bottle in my house but there are a few decants that I just cannot find for the life of me. I think that what might have happened is that I have taken a couple decants out of my apron pocket from work and set them down without actually putting them away. So right now, I can't find my decant of Theorema and something with Andy Tauer and the name is escaping me right now but all I know is that it's a green lily of the valley. I'm wondering especially of how in the world can I misplace a large decant of Theorema? I know that I have 5 full bottles of Theorema but Theorema is discontinued and getting more expensive by the day.

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