Saturday, July 9, 2016

Andy Tauer Orange Star Review

When Portia had done a post on Perfume Posse for free shipping if you bought something from Andy Tauer's website. I think it was specifically for the travel sprays that come in a set of three and I was sold. When you think about it and the American dollar compared to the Swiss franc, $120 for 3 15ml travel sprays is a pretty good deal. It's a good deal knowing how expensive niche perfumes can be (Amouage, Xerjoff). What sold me even more is that you aren't limited to one perfume, like other perfume houses seem to do, but you could chose 3 different ones. Yes, I was sold and bought myself a travel set of three different perfumes that I have never tried before, which may or may not be the greatest idea. I had chosen Orange Star, Eau D'Epices and PHI Une Rose de Kandahar. All three arrived on my doorstep on Wednesday and I had forgot something. I forgot that if you order something from overseas, you do have to sign for that something.

I was so excited and tore open the package. I was just expecting to have the three travel sprays and the invoice but not all of what was in there. Lucky Scent sends about 3 or 4 dabber samples when you order something and dabbers don't do it for me unless it's pure parfum. In a little metal container, there were 5 spray samples. These spray samples are not little spray samples but they must be around 2mls. I wasn't expecting the little note thanking me for my purchase either, so yes, it blew my mind.

The first one to be tried was Orange Star. I'm very fussy about citrus because half the time, citrus smells just like oven cleaner and other times, my stomach just churns because it smells powdery or dusty. Orange Star manages to stay away from the powder. In the beginning, Orange Star flirts with the whole oven cleaner thing then decides that going that route sucks. I get a little bit of a shaving cream vibe along with the typical Tauer base. There is no mistaking that this isn't anything but an Andy Tauer creation. Orange Star is a little bit on the sweet side but not much, which would make it easier for a guy to wear. The longevity is fabulous because I was able to go for a full 8 hours before I needed to spend more time with it.

I'm not sure if it is bottle worthy for me but it is definitely large decant worthy for me. So yes, my Amex is eyeing me with heavy dissaproval and hoping that I won't bother to order a bottle because I have enough decants and full bottles to last a lifetime.

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