Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Second Look and Le Labo

What perfume warrants a second look? Is it a couple days? A couple months? Or a few years? I was looking through my Amouage sampler that I had bought a couple months ago for no good reason and I am sort of thinking of retrying Honour and Reflection to see if my opinions have changed on them. I know that I have said that they are similar or almost identical to each other. But fast forward a few years and I think that I need to take a fresh look at the both of them. Ubar wasn't in the sampler set and I still have yet to muster up any courage to order a decant to give Ubar another go.

Every year, Le Labo decides to release their city exclusives to the general public. I liked the idea of being able to buy the city exclusives without having to travel to another city to get a bottle. Then Aldehyde 44 was discontinued and then I kind of liked the idea. Now that it's that time of year, I was curious as to pricing and if there would be something I would be interested in. Once in a while, I am not adverse to spending $250 on a bottle of perfume. If I were, I wouldn't have any full bottles of Amouage sitting on my dresser. I do have limitations of some of this. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the prices for a 1.7 ounce bottle. Almost $300 for a 50ml bottle. Serge Lutens sells his bell jars at Barney's for $300 and I would get 75mls. I haven't bought a Serge Lutens bell jar yet from Barney's but I'm thinking about it. Everyone knows that they have limitations and I have mine that I rarely cross. If I do cross a limitation, I must really want something. This time, I'm not crossing it.

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