Thursday, September 22, 2016

Beginning of Fall

So it's the beginning of fall and that means that it's time to start switching over to the fall/winter stuff. Even though it's still fairly warm out, the days are starting to get a little cooler and the days are definitely shorter.

Chanel's no 19, no matter what the concentration, is fabulous in it's own right. But it's not exactly fitting in with the shorter days. No 19 is just too bright for fall and winter. For some reason, no 19 makes me even colder in the winter and fall. Bright and sparkling just don't fit with fall and winter.

I have found the while I do love L'Heure Bleue, spraying is just too much for my nose. Too much powder and the powder is huge when sprayed. Since I have managed to score a 3/4 ounce of the parfum version (vintage) a few weeks ago, L'Heure Bleue works even better for me. In the next few months, I will probably spring for a bottle of parfum. But L'Heure Bleue is a great perfume for the dead of winter but can be kind of iffy in fall but it's really good for the cold fall nights.

Some of the fall transition perfumes I do wear year round but they seem to do better in the fall. Theorema in all of it's candied orange goodness, Shalimar and it's vanilla and skank, vintage Bal and it's through and through straight up skank, and let's not forget LADM by Andy Tauer that suits a fall bonfire.

This makes me kind of wish that there were more perfumes that transition well from summer into fall. Are you listening to me perfume gods? It's either perfumes for summer that are as light as can be or the bombastic things for winter when it's only 2 degrees out.

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