Wednesday, September 28, 2016

That Moment

Sometimes with perfume, you find ones that you love right away, some that you hate from the onset, and those that take a little while. Deneuve was on that I loved right away, Ubar was one I hated right off the bat and now we get to Amouage Jubilation.

I didn't much care for Jubilation in the beginning because I didn't give it enough time and wearings to make the whole decision that I did kind of like it. There are plenty of perfumes that I have tried months or years later that I just don't like. But Jubilation has an interesting back story for me. I had tried Jubilation fairly early on in my perfume journey, back when I first took the plunge with buying decants. At the time, I tried to like it, I mean really tried to like it. It was Amouage and I had wanted to like Ubar but that smelled like bug spray with a hint of flowers to my nose. Fast forward a few months ago, I had quite a bit of Christmas gift cards on Amazon that I hadn't spent yet. I was going to get Beloved but accidentally bought Jubilation instead. I thought I had bought Beloved but didn't. I couldn't go and return it since Amazon really doesn't accept returns when it comes to perfume. So I was kind of stuck with Jubilation. But then, I started to crave it for some reason. I sprayed it on and it was love. I'm thinking that Jubilation was reformulated and made it more wearable for me.

Maybe I should give some others in my collection a second look.

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