Monday, October 24, 2016

Thoughts on Chanel no 5

Yes, there is another flanker to the iconic Chanel no 5. That new flanker is called no 5 L'Eau and yes, I am suspicious of it. I am suspicious of it just like I was of Eau Premiere. Flankers of this classic confuses me. It seems like no 5 would not be the greatest canidate for 1 flanker, let alone 2. Now, Shalimar is something that has spawned many flankers and I can see why. You have room to play around with Shalimar. No 5 doesn't have the room to create flankers. I'm not a big fan of flankers in general but there are exceptions to the rule and some are well done.

I love the regular no 5 and have the current EDP, EDT, and some vintage parfum. I will admit to that I have a bottle of Eau Premiere in the original bottle but no 5 doesn't get a whole lot of love from me so much anymore. When you have a lot of full bottles to choose from an who knows how many decants, there are some perfumes that get lost in the shuffle. I know I shouldn't be picking on Chanel releasing a flanker and people are going to be asking why I am picking on a perfume that I haven't tried yet.

Apparently, Eau Premiere hasn't done as well as it could have or sales have really been horrible for Eau Premiere lately and maybe Chanel thought that a flanker of no 5 would perk people up and get them buying Chanel items again. Maybe the newest Chanel creations (Bleu, Chance, Coco Nior, etc) are not doing anything besides sitting on the shelf. I wish that Chanel would create and release something new that actually smells good and that isn't a flanker. Maybe they should look into ignoring the Les Exlusifs line or change that one completly. No 22 and Cuir de Russie are from the back catalog and should be released as part of their regular line up. Maybe Chanel should start looking at their back catalog and release some of those. The elusive no 46 would be a start as well.

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