Saturday, August 25, 2012

Adventure at the Mall and Serge Lutens Chene Review

I do not often go to the mall for a couple of reasons. I've never been one that has been a great fan of large crowds. Children running around everywhere and their minders are oblivious to what is going around them. Yesterday, my mother was helping a friend plan for a trip and spent almost 3 hours trying on clothes. I have never been one to enjoy shopping for clothes. When I went to Hawaii 3 years ago for 10 days, I didn't spend that much time for getting new clothes. I was in and out of Macy's in under an hour and only really needed a pair of tennis shoes and a couple shirts. But I was fortunate enough to be able to wander around the mall after I had lunch. Panera was an adventure. It seems like the adults at Penera are not so easy to contend with. They do not have the sense to realize that even though it is still summer, others have a hot tray of soup in their hands. And yet they charge right in front of me as I am turning around and about to find myself a seat. I was very interested looking at the Chanel counter to see if any one of the 3 department stores had Coco Noir. But no, they had the regular Coco, Coco Mademoiselle, no. 5 in all it's variations, and the Chance flankers. Then I remember that I am at the closest mall to wear I live and it isn't the upscale one where there would be potential of having a new Chanel at the counters. Now, since I bored you with my lame mall rant, I think that a review is in order.

I've really been unmotivated in reviewing perfume for some reason but hearing about the bell jars coming to the US kick started me a little. And what is leading me to reviewing Chene is one of my dogs nosing around my kitchen counter and my decant of Chene breaks. In the book, The Guide, Chene is described as something that smells of pencil shavings. This is the second time that I am going to have to agree with the authors of The Guide. The pencil shaving note is dominates the whole wearing but I have noticed that there is a burning rubber note that comes into play. Even though I have trace amounts on my hands, I am just not enjoying Chene at all. Even after 8 hours of wear, the whole get up seems a little crude.

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