Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Isabey Gardenia EDP Review

Thus far, I am still looking for a gardenia perfume that is not loaded down with tuberose. Bath and Body Works' Gardenia Lily is about the only one so far that I don't detect a huge tuberose note. After looking around the Internet, I kept hearing about Isabey's Gardenia. It was off to Surrender to Chance to order a decant.

On first spray, I was clubbed over the head with a coconut note. The coconut vibe was alright when it calmed down a little bit but then the tuberose came out. The tuberose is very dense, creamy and somewhat in your face. That has always seemed to be my issue with tuberose, it's just too much. After a couple hours, I do get the impression of gardenia, but the gardenia doesn't smell that great. Isabey Gardenia seems to drift into the pleasant perfume territory. The pleasant but generic category which is nice but that is only good when one is just kicking around the house and relaxing. Staying power and sillage are about average. I just can't see myself spending $165 for 50ml of this at the end of the day.

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