Wednesday, August 29, 2012

La Labo Labdanum 18 Review

For the past week or so, it has finally cooled off enough for me to start breaking out the oriental perfumes. This summer has been torture on me where there were only a few perfumes that I could stand wearing. For the past couple days, I have been wearing Le Labo Labdanum 18. I'm note sure why I had taken so long with testing this out before the perpetual, massive heatwave.

After poking around the internet, a few bloggers have made the comparison to Shalimar. I must agree with them especially in the beginning stages. In the beginning, Labdanum 18 is straight up Shalimar without the citrus top note. After a few minutes, a get a distinct cola note, which did take me by surprise. The cola note is not bad but I can't see it adding anything to the whole composition of Labdanum 18. The dry down was interesting though due to the fact that I did get reminded of MKK, slightly animalic. Lasting power and sillage are about average for this. I find Labdanum 18 to be nice but not quite bottle worthy, just decant worthy. If one owns a bottle of Shalimar and MKK, you won't be missing that much by not trying out Labdanum 18.

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