Thursday, August 9, 2012

Penhaligon Amaranthine Review

I've had this 1.5ml decant sitting in my 'waiting to be reviewed' pile for who knows how long. I don't know what prevented me from trying this out. What got me to test this one was that I had lost most of the decant through evaporation and was left with just a little bit for one or two wearings.

After wearing it yesterday, I can say that I honestly dislike it. Because I get milk and iris. Iris is not listed on the official notes but I think that it is the tea note that is giving me the iris impression. Amaranthine becomes tiresome after a while because I don't a whole lot of development. The milk whatever is giving me the iris note starts to give out a bad raunchy vibe. The raunchy vibe reminds me of someone I knew who bragged about how much sex that they had over the past few days and didn't feel like bothering to shower before leaving the house. I think that I'm just going to toss whatever is left of the decant away.

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