Thursday, January 24, 2013

Feeling like a little bit of a freak

A couple years ago, I had downgraded from carrying a messenger bag/large purse due to the fact that I had started to accumulate too much stuff in there. I've lost count of how many times I had found broken decants,full bottles, and minis. Then I downgraded to a medium sized bag because one would think that I would get nervous with the sound of clinking glass coming from my purse. Turns out, I found Tocca Giulietta, a vintage no. 22 along with the current version of no. 22, and somehow, found my no. 19 extract unopened and in the box and wondered how it got there.

The reason that I feel like a freak is that I found a couple other things that I forgot that I had. I've mostly stopped wearing makeup because the only thing that take 30 seconds to apply is lipstick and once I decided on a perfume, it takes me a split second to apply it. I feel a little freakish because I cannot bear the thought of leaving the house, even to go to the grocery store, without perfume. I know that at the grocery store I shop at, there is a moderately large perfume counter. Not exactly what you would see at the mall, but for a grocery store, it's huge. Shalimar EDC, Estee Lauder Pleasures are just an example of what is sold. Yeah, they have testers but I'm not interested in trying out celebrity perfumes nor am I willing to test out Madonna's Truth or Dare. Tuberose and I don't exactly get along.

In the end, I do come down to the what if something happens to the house (fire, maybe)? Quite a bit of my collection is expensive and can be replaced but I still want to smell good.

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