Monday, January 21, 2013

Tommy Girl Review

A friend and I were talking today and she mentions that her hubby gotten her a bottle of Tommy Girl and it "smells so good" and not heavy or strange (she was talking about my perfumes). That reminded me that I had a decant of Tommy Girl sitting on my dresser at home ( was dirt cheap).

Even though Tommy Girl was released in 1996, when I started high school, the hallways did not reek of Tommy Girl. They reeked of mainly of Clinique Happy and Bath and Body Works' Cucumber Melon. To a lesser degree, you could get a whiff of Estee Lauder Pleasures. Until about my junior or senior year, I wore all three of those scents. Then came my discovery of CK's Obsession. When I stumbled onto Obsession, I learned real quick that the tiniest bit goes a long way with Obsession.

It wasn't until I graduated from high school and went to school that was another perfume that was very popular with my age group. It was Tommy Girl. And since my friend said that it was her new signature scent, I took a closer look.

Tommy Girl is nice and not really what I would call a perfume. It smells a little like a perfume but it reminds me strongly of laundry detergent. I find that Tommy Girl is watery and I really dislike watery notes in perfume. Lasting power is about average with minimal projection. Not my deal.

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