Thursday, January 10, 2013

Good Lord...This Bottle is Huge!

For the past few years, I made it a rule of not buying the biggest bottle of any perfume. Buying the biggest bottle can be the economically sound thing to do if one is loyal to a couple of perfumes. But perfumistas are not loyal to one or two perfumes. We might have a small handful of perfumes that will always be in our collection.

I wrote about the mishap with getting a bottle of Amouage Lyric for women. Lyric had been on my full bottle list for about 3 years and decided the hell with it and ordered a bottle. After I was offered the 3.4 ounce because the 1.7 ounce was out of stock, I took Lady Ruth Perfumes up on getting the bigger bottle. My bottle of Lyric arrived yesterday and after unwrapping the package with glee, the size of the bottle stunned me after going who knows how long without getting the larger bottle. Chanel's Cuir de Russie, Sycomore don't really count. When I had gotten those, there was not the option on the getting the 2.5 ounce bottle. In the US, Chanel no. 19 in EDP form there isn't an option of getting a smaller the 3.4 ounces. So, I'm used to getting smaller bottles of perfume because I already have 20 some full bottles, 3 back up bottles and who knows how many decants. After my bottle of Amouage Gold for women arrives, I think that I am done with full bottles for a while.


  1. Eldarwen did you ask the PFG for some Denevue? 'Cause I have a slightly used mini I picked up at a local thrift shop last year. I tried to respond to your request but the system dropped it into a new reply #63 . Email me bookwyrmsmith at live dot com .

    1. I sent you an email from sandstorm936 at msn dot com. Thank you for letting me know.