Saturday, January 19, 2013

When Back Ups Attack.

Right now, I am sitting and gazing at my latest full bottle purchase while a family member is rolling their eyes at me. And it's Amouage Dia and the huge bottle. As much as I love Gold, I love Dia more and wear it more often, Last year was mostly marked by getting back up bottles or back up decants. This year is probably back to my 'normal' habit of trying new things. But still, I am gazing at my latest perfume purchase, blogging, thinking of all the back up bottles and decants that I already have and now onto trying new things.

The semi inadvertent Amouage full bottle bender has brought some more multiples into my house.I used to have 1 sample of Reflection, Memoir, and Interlude and now that's been doubled. But I did somewhat manage to score a sample of Interlude Man. Well, the multiples can be used for Valentine's Day and a birthday to stick on the cards or lose somewhere in the shuffle.

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