Friday, January 24, 2014

Out of Season Perfume

Here in Cleveland, the weather has always been pretty goofy and it's been a goofy winter. One day, I can be sitting in 2 feet of snow and sub zero temps and the next day, I can be sitting in the same 2 feet of snow and it's literally 70 degrees out. Hence why I don't rotate my perfume collection. But as of this moment, I keep craving my "transition" perfumes and my summer perfumes.

The heavy hitters like Amouage Lyric and Epic are kind of taking a back seat and now I'm wearing Chanel no. 19 and Deneuve. I find that Deneuve and no. 19 are more meant to be spring and summer scents. Even though those 2 are more of the lines of a chypre, I do find them to be more spring and summer. Not like the queen, Mitsouko, who demands to be worn year round. I just find both Deneuve and no. 19 too green to be worn in winter, unless it feels like a spring day in February.

But I have found that the EDT version of no. 19 is really not my deal. I know that it is the leather in the no. 19 EDT version that is the problem. I like my leathers plush like Cuir de Russie not astringent and butchy. The extract version of no. 19 I find to be a cross of the EDT and EDP but with a plush iris note. While I like (a lot) the extract version of no. 19, the EDP is the one that won my heart.

The state of Deneuve does sadden me though. It saddens me that I find it to be one of the greatest celebrity scents ever made, that it's discontinued and that it is getting harder and harder to find. Especially when you do find it, the price always seems to be just out of my reach even for a EDT mini so I kind of hoard what I've got. Every time I wear Deneuve, I cannot decide if I love the extract form or the EDT form better.

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