Monday, January 27, 2014

Le Labo Aldehyde 44 Review

This is gonna be a really short review because Aldehyde 44 smells like another perfume. I tried Aldehyde 44 for the first time yesterday and kept doing a double take all day. Reason being, Aldehyde 44 is mainly a toned down Chanel no. 22 but it's less harsh than no. 22. While no. 22 and no. 5 are sisters, Aldehyde 44 is more like a very young cousin trying to mimic those two.

I'm not exactly thrilled with Aldehyde 44 for the reason that it smells too much like no. 22 and that leads me to believe that someone was blatantly trying to do a rip off of no. 22. Even though I found no. 22's aldehydes to be harsh at first (still do at times), I did grow to love it. Another reason I'm not really rocking this one is that Le Labo may have wanted to create something that smelled a whole lot like no. 22 but it was exclusive to only Dallas so it was really niche. But Aldehyde 44's rose is much more prevalent than the rose in no. 22.

At this point, I don't like Aldehyde 44 nor Le Labo in general. I've reexamined Le Labo's Labdanum 18 and found Labdanum 18 to be Labdanum 18 to be a toned down Shalimar. It's one thing to nod to the perfume classics but when company is doing rip offs, I get riled. Riled in that fact that it makes me think that the perfumers can't think up new ideas or an interpretation of a note or two.

Many people who have smelled Amouage Gold for women compare it to Chanel no. 5 but they are two different perfumes. They might share some DNA but it never was meant to be a rip off. Amouage Dia for women is different though. It's the idea of Gold but with a whole lot less heft and it was made known that that was the case.

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