Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tough Going

I did hear back from Amazon the same day I e-mailed them and I got the shipping refunded. In a way, I was hoping that they would do a little bit more for me but whatever. Ever since I fell down the rabbit hole of perfumery, I've been reluctant to get anything bath related to any perfume. Doesn't matter if it is No. 5, Shalimar or anything else. I have to say that just about all mainstream scents have matching shower gel and lotion. I'm well past the stage where I have to have to have the matching bath stuff. Matching bath stuff with perfume is great if you are faithful to 3 or 4 perfumes.

Right now, I am trying to appreciate what I have in my perfume collection but it's tough. I mean really tough. Using up the decants is easy enough but using up full full bottles is another matter.I swear to a higher power, I've got no idea where this sudden fixation with minis is coming from.

Is it boredom or the eyeballing two vintage Shalimars on E-Bay? I'm not sure but all I know is that my hankering for vintage perfume isn't really new. But after cruising E-bay (bad idea, I know) for minis and vintage stuff, I'm having a hard time believing some things. It's usually the pricing on many vintage minis. They can either be dirt cheap, which is a little suspicious or wildly expensive. Sometimes it is a little sketchy all around, if the bottle is full, then it's fake. Or sometimes the color for vintage is a dead giveaway because I know full well that with vintage perfume, the color does darken.

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