Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fendi By Fendi Review

A couple days ago, I was bored with my selection. I was just tired of wearing the same old things just about every day. Part of it was being in Texas for a wedding and only having one perfume to wear. Then I just grabbed out of the unworn bag and pulled out Fendi by Fendi.

You know when I reviewed the original Coco by Chanel and had to
agree with Turin and Sanchez that it did smell dated? Fendi is the same way and the scary thing is that Fendi almost smells just like Coco. Almost word for word and I could have sworn that it was Coco if I didn't know that the color of the juice But Fendi smelled a little cruder to my nose for some reason and I can't explain why. But my pocketbook is sighing with relief due to the fact that I won't be seeking this out. I'm thinking that it's really tough to wear and 80's style perfume. It's the whole 80's aesthetic that bothers a lot of people, myself included. I do wear loud, some of them, really loud but the 80's probably too loud and crude. It seemed that more is more and everyone just bathed in these perfumes and some do still bathe in perfume.

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