Friday, October 2, 2015

Post Vacation Blogging

Today is my first day back into reality. It was difficult with two nephews that are under the age of six to apply perfume and actually get to enjoy it. It was difficult just to even get it on when someone is always wanting your attention, it's hard not to mention kind of easy to forget to apply. I think that being so tired from sleeping in an unfamiliar place and being woken up so early by two little kids wanting you to make breakfast made it real easy to forget.

But on Tuesday, my sister and I hit her local mall to spend her Sephora gift card. I usually don't go into Sephora but I just tagged along for the ride. The Sephora wasn't one of the full store Sephoras but one of those inside JC Penny's. Sephora has never been my go to for any kind of perfume or make up but I was going to check it out any way. I'm always amazed at the collections at a mainstream mall's offerings. It's always the best sellers and 'classics'. I can never walk to any department store without seeing whatever is hot at the moment and what has always seemed popular. Take the Chanel counter, I always see the Chance line along with Coco Mademoiselle, and no 5. But I really don't see a whole lot of no 19 unless I am at an upscale mall.

I really didn't do a whole lot of sniffage at Sephora but did go in without wearing any perfume deciding on trying something new to me perfume wise. Then I was at the Dior display and sprayed on Miss Dior Cherie (I don't care what it's calling itself but it's not the original Miss Dior) and holy crap. I couldn't wash it off fast enough, it was that bad. It smelled almost like Coco Mademoiselle and I really don't like Mademoiselle one bit. Anything that smells like Mademoiselle really drives me batty. I think it's that whole get up that really aggravates me.

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