Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Some Commitment

Any perfume in my collection does take some commitment but after a while, they eventually disappear and then I can apply something else if I wanted to. But there are some perfumes in my collection that take some serious commitment to wear. I mean serious commitment.

The perfumes I am talking about is Amouage. Yesterday I had decided to use Lyric body products and they lasted all day and most of this morning. I don't know why but last night for some reason, Lyric really started to get on my nerves and the only way to get rid of it was to take another shower and I wasn't annoyed enough to hop in the shower to get it off. But it's more than the body products that are time consuming is that the perfumes themselves that can be time consuming. Amouage offerings are loud and at times can be bombastic depending on the situation and time of year. But sometimes I do think that it's worse to use the matching body products because with perfume, it can easily be washed off depending on where you apply but body products require a full shower. When I decide to wear an Amouage, I am never so happy to take a shower and wear something else.

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