Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Week of Only One Perfume

This all started when I had to plan a week long trip to Dallas, Texas. And that meant that I had to spend time on a plane and had to deal with TSA rules about liquids and that meant perfume. It's has been almost 6 years since I have flown and I was a budding perfumista and at that time, left my entire collection at home. Times have changed for me. I was in a bit of a dilemma because I wasn't sure if I could take any decants or 2 bottles of perfume with me. The safest bet would have been to not take any but I knew in a lot of ways I wasn't going to be visiting any duty free shops or going to the mall for anything. So that left me with taking only one perfume.

The choice was agonizing to say the least even though I checked the weather forecast. The forecast was going to be in the 90's for most of it and that didn't help me a whole lot. It was a debate of Theorema, Deneuve, Mitsouko and Chanel no 19. I was making sure that all of those bottles were spray bottles and not splash bottles and under the 100ml limit. But when I came down to just walking out the door to leave, my hand landed on a 1990's refill bottle of no 19 in EDT form. All the way there I was thinking about how long the week was going to be with only one bottle of perfume instead of having 2 bottles and a decant. In some ways it was a long week because I was starting to get sick of no 19 about three days in. And much of the time in Texas, it seemed to take at least an hour to get anywhere. So I spent a lot of time in the car because everything is so far apart. And the construction was pretty bad. I know that bad drivers are everywhere and that when there is road construction more accidents will happen but I never came across so many accidents in my life.

This is when my aunt said that you need to be an aggressive driver in Texas because of the road construction and that overturned semi trucks and pretty nasty car accidents are the norm. I'm not talking about simple fender benders but the type where the front of one car is half missing and the other half is all smashed in.

I have noticed a downside to only having one perfume on a vacation and no opportunity to sniff other perfumes. That one ends up scouring E-Bay, Beauty Encounter, and FragranceNet late at night and end up getting more stuff and hoping by the time you return that at least one package of perfume or make up arrives at your doorstep before you do. I was never so happy to get home very early this morning and find that two packages had arrived before I did.

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