Thursday, October 8, 2015

My Scent Challenge

This year, I seemed to hit the jackpot in a way when it comes to travel. I get to take two trips this year. I've already taken the trip to Virginia to see my sister graduate from nursing school. Next week, I get to take the trip to Texas to go to a cousin's wedding. These trips are the I pretty much have to go to.

Since I am flying down to Texas because I'm not spending a full 24 hours in the car. That's too long of a car trip. Besides, it seems to be a little cheaper to fly and rent a car. Now here comes the challenge, I am only taking one perfume with me and maybe a decant. The airline that was chosen charges for a carry on bag so I have to pack really light. So perfume is one of those that I am cutting. It's not like the trip to Virginia because I drove down to Virginia. I am also limited because of TSA regulations, it has to be less than 3.4 ounces and that kind of restricts my choices a little bit. At this point, a lot of my vintage collection has to stay home unless I put some of it in decant form.

Right now, my choices are Fendi Theorema, Chanel no 22, Worth Courtesan, and Jicky. I am debating if Chanel no 19 should be put on this list or just left off along with Deneuve. Good thing that I do have some time to figure it out.

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