Monday, May 23, 2011

Amouage Lyric for Women Review

After getting my decant of Amouage Lyric for women, I decided to take a look at it. It is supposed to be another take on rose. After 2 days of wear, it is not a rose dominant perfume. Another blogger (can't remember who at this time) said it was about romancing the rose. Which is true. I was kind of hard pressed to find the rose in Lyric. But the rose seems to be in the drydown but I am having a hard time picking it out. Lyric does give out some sillage but isn't annoying, Lyric isn't loud. I find it to be slightly earthy in a good way.

I wore out the sample that Luckyscent gave me during the winter and now have a decant. Is it bottle worthy for me? Yes! It is a great scent for winter but it really blooms in spring/summer when it is warm and slightly muggy out. It was slightly was sweet but Lyric didn't make me gag and want to run to the nearest sink to wash it off. A full bottle of Lyric for women would fit into my collection really well. Well, the red bottle is making me drool. Currently, I am saving my pennies to get a full bottle.

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