Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sampler scents

I was poking around these past couple days for no good reason and they have sampler sets of perfume. They just seem to have a lot of sampler sets of everything. I've noticed that it is not the niche area of perfume that is offering too many of these. It is mostly designers like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, etc that are offering these. I find it cute, but leaves me wondering, what is going on with straight up free samples? It used to be that samples were given out freely. Now, the almighty dollar wins out. It seems like one must buy a certain dollar amount must be spent before you get any free samples or free shipping.

Sampler sets in perfume can be great if you are buying it for you. I don't find them to be great gifts for anyone. It makes one look lazy. How? It looks like one didn't want to put in the time, thought and effort into getting a gift.

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