Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My drive of less bottles

I've been revamping my collection of perfumes. I have thrown away 2 bottles of perfume that have gone bad and have given my mother 3 bottles that she keeps swiping from my dresser. I've gotten more selective of what I want full bottle wise of perfume. I used to be an impulse perfume buyer. Most of the time, I wouldn't have smelled a perfume first before buying it, now I do. That has led me into getting decants from the Perfumed Court. What is great about the Perfumed Court is that I can choose the size of the decant and if I want it in spray bottle form or roll on form. I usually go for a 2.5 ml in a spray bottle. A larger sample with a pump spray gives me a good idea of what a perfume smells like. The reason that I go for a larger sized decant is that it does last longer and it gives me a more time to think.

The reason why I want more time to think is "is this perfume worth the money?". With a lot of them, the answer is no. I might like the perfume but not enough to get a full bottle. There are a few that I do want to get a full bottle. I am trying to finish 2 bottles of perfume before I commit to any more new bottles.

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