Thursday, May 26, 2011

Frapin Esprit de Fleurs Review

After enjoying Frapin's 1270, I got a hankering to try another of Frapin's perfumes. I did accidentally purchase a full bottle of Esprit de Fleurs instead of a sample. I find it to be a pleasant enough perfume. I get a massive citrus blast when I first put Esprit de Fleurs on my skin then the citrus mellows and the woody part of the perfume comes into play. I do love vetiver and cedar in perfumes, but citrus and woods together? The jury is still out if I like the two together. It seems that one day I love them then the next, Esprit de Fleurs make me queasy. Citrus and I have a love/hate relationship. Thus far, I cannot see myself buying another bottle after I finish this bottle.

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