Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tocca Giulietta Review

I can now believe that it is spring and it is time to start wearing spring/summer perfumes. It as nearly 70 degrees here and I went for Tocca's Giulietta perfume. It's a skin scent, so there isn't a whole lot of sillage going on. It's nice for a change of pace to have a skin scent. There is an extremely faint fruitiness that is only detected when first coming into contact with skin. The rest is the gentlest floral scent. I do find myself reapplying Giulietta every 5 hours since it does seem to disappear quite quickly for a perfume. The bottle itself is quite heavy and well built, so there is not much of a stand out to make me reach for it at least once a month. At the end of the day, Giulietta is an airy, inoffensive perfume. But it is one of the few airy, inoffensive perfume that I do really like. After I finish my bottle will I get another? Maybe, it might grow on me to the point of loving it.

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