Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Little Bummed

Okay folks, I have gotten back from my weekend trip and I am tired and slightly cranky. Out of boredom, I looked at the Barney's website and the Serge Lutens cloche perfumes have come in. I have been drooling over Sarrasins for a while now and have been wanting a bottle for a while now. Rumor had it that the price was probably going to be steep but I was still amazed at the price. Sarrasins' current price at Barney's is $300 and still cannot seem to buy a bottle online. In Europe (after doing a conversion), the going price there is about $130-$140. Some will say it's cheaper than a plane ticket to Paris. But going to Paris would be a great trip and worth the price of a plane ticket. My way of thinking is that I do not find that for 75ml of Sarrasins is really not worth the $300 price tag. Serge Lutens creations, while good and original, are not worth that kind of price, unlike an Amouage perfume. I can justify the price tag with an Amouage. The reason is that I smell quality ingredients, one small spray lasts all day and there is loads of richness and depth with an Amouage perfume. But $300 is a little outrageous for Sarrasins.

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