Thursday, September 13, 2012

iPods and Montale Jasmin Full Review

For maybe the past 6 or 7 years, the only Apple product I have had is an iPod. It all started when the first iPod Shuffle came out. I had quickly outgrew the Shuffle because at that time there was only 1 gig of space. Then I went to the iPod classic when I could only get one with 80 gigs of space. When I got the 160 gig Classic, my dad inherited my old 80 gig Classic because it was a lot better than using it as a paperweight and he could use it for those long plane rides. Now after constant use, my current iPod needs a new battery. After poking around the Apple website, it would run me about $60 and I am not sure how much labor would cost. It always seems like one has to pay an arm and a leg for labor on top of the cost of whatever you are replacing. Since next weekend, I will be traveling and have a busy week before then, I do not have time to go out of my way to an Apple store or ship it in through the mail, I ordered the latest iPod Shuffle. It maybe only 2 gigs but I'm not really sure how much I am going to be listening to music or watching any kind of video, so it suits my needs for a weekend trip.

I'm still kind of on a jasmine kick and have branched out. By branching out, I mean that I am trying other jasmine dominant perfumes and not quite as hyper focused on Sarrasins or A La Nuit.That has led me to trying Jasmin Full by Montale. Jasmin Full is very different from Sarrasins and A La Nuit. Jasmin Full is a bright jasmine. A La Nuit, Sarrasins, and Bath and Body Works' Midnight Blooming Jasmine were heavy and dense. Besides getting a whopping dose of jasmine, there is a huge orange blossom note. Both jasmine and orange blossom are heavy on indoles, I do not get the fecal element like I do with Sarrasins. Lasting power is about average for an EDP on my skin. For the life of me cannot decide if I like this or not. So getting a bottle or keeping a decant around it up in the air.

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